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Introducing Presto Docks

A recreational aluminum boat dock system designed primarily for inland lake conditions with the recreational boat owner in mind.

Using all aluminum components throughout this system we have strived to maintain a light weight system that can be easily installed and removed each season by no more than two people with virtually no tools.

All components are self-contained, that is to say there are no loose or extra parts such as small nuts, bolts, or washers. All dock sections are fully assembled and ready for installation. As you will note in our pictorials the dock and leg sections are secured together with special quick release pins.

Telescoping support legs with special slotted brackets secure each 10 ft. dock section to one another. The telescoping sections come in four different base heights with an adjustment on 1" centers to accommodate the varying depths of the lake bottom. On our home page under "Custom Plans" you will find a planning guide in which we require that you take measurements from your shoreline out into the lake at 10 ft. increments to insure that you purchase the correct stands for the depth of your lake. We also ask that you specify the type of lake bottom in the event that we need to address any special needs on the configuration of the supporting base plates.

We have three different surfaces to select from for your dock sections. The available deck sections are the cedar, aluminum or vinyl covered aluminum decking. The cedar deck is left untreated that the owners may finish this surface as they wish. Deck sections are available in 3 and 4 ft. widths. The available options are the corner bumper, short side bumper, 8 ft. side bumper, a piano style hinge assembly to aid in making the transition from the dock to the beach, a swim ladder, 6ft. bench and flag pole kit.

In the future we will be adding a line of jet ski and boat lifts as well as other related marine equipment. Recreational boating is for your leisure time, your leisure time should not be taken up by maintaining an old and out-dated wooden boat dock. The Presto Dock system gives you more of what leisure time is all about!!!!