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Modern Light Metals has been manufacturing material handling products for the truck and rail industry since 1949. All of our equipment is engineered and custom fabricated to meet the needs of business throughout the country.

Our Applications are primarily involved with transporting forklifts from loading dock to trucks and rail cars or from ground level to a dock or truck bed. Capacities for these applications can run up to 60,000 lbs.

In this high capacity, heavy duty and abusive environment Modern Light Metals has been a premiere manufacturer for custom fabricated equipment for the United States government, Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, the nuclear industry and very nearly every major corporation and small business throughout the country.

The photo below shows only one example of thousands of pieces of equipment that have been custom designed and fabricated by Modern Light Metals.

Given this example and extensive background in engineering and fabrication in the aluminum industry your recreational aluminum boat dock system is obviously a piece of equipment that should come from a company that knows what it takes to manufacture a quality piece of equipment.

Our Presto Docks are held to that same standard of quality that we supply to the material handling industry. No shortcuts have been taken, no quality has been compromised, this is the premiere boat dock system in the country.